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On behalf of the PMI Keystone Board, our Congratulations is extended to the following individuals for earning a certification during the first 6 months of 2017.  A PMI certification is an incredible way to distinguish your expertise in the field!

However, earning a certification is just the beginning. So, don’t forget about all of the opportunities that exist inside the PMI Keystone Chapter.  There are many ways the Keystone Chapter can help you with your professional development so you are prepared to meet the demands of your job.  With over 1,000 members in PMI Keystone, which covers Central Pennsylvania, there is opportunity to increase your network.  One way to do this is through and our monthly chapter meetings held throughout the Central Pennsylvania area.  Giving back to the community can be done through various volunteer opportunities within PMI Keystone and within PMI Global Operations Center.

The following forty-four individuals have earned certification’s during the first 6 months of 2017.

Rob Ballard, PMP

Andrew Humphreville, PMP

Heather Myers, PMP

Phillip Barnett, CAPM

Ryan Hunter, PMP

Amarnath Pallavaram, PMP

Noel Cabral III, PMP

Greg Inman, PMP

Venkata Penumatsa, PMP

Matthew Christen, PMI-ACP

Brittany Kostiha, PMP

Michael Raich, PMP

Norman Cross, PMP

Melissa Kupchak, PMI-RMP

Vishnusekhar Rajasekhar Jalajakumari, PMP

April Davies, CAPM

Scott LaFrance, PMP

Philip Robson, PgMp

Pauline Ferrari, PMP

Lisa Lutzi, PMP

Holly Seltzer, PMP

Kenneth Ford, PMP

Jeffrey Malosiecki, PMP

Christine Smith, PMP

Anshuman, Ghose, PMP

Lucas Marsh, PMP

Alex Spitler, PMP

Jacob Haines, CAPM

George McDonnell, PMP

Dinesh Vadivelu, PMP

Alfred Heck, PMP

Travis Miller, PMP

Lucas Wickard, PMP

Todd Heintzelman, PMP

Greg Misale, PMP

Gwen Zeh, PMP

Angela Henderson, CPA, PMP

Kimberly Mongiello, PMP

John Zook, PMP

Michael Hilbert, PMP

Andrew Morrow, PMI-ACP

John Zook, PMI-ACP

Tammy Hollenbaugh, PMP

James Murray, PMP

Andrew Zulkosky, PMP


 Great things happen when you get involved with PMI.  The Board of PMI Keystone looks forward in being your partner in your continued professional success and development.


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