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Our owners (Partners Group) purchased Chemprene in July of 2018.   Previous owners provided little investment in the facility and were more concerned with Production.  Partners Group has committed to considerable capital investment in Chemprene with a goal of  attaining a very high standard of safety and efficiency. 

We are looking for a project management consultant to manage these numerous capital improvement projects in our manufacturing plant over the next 12-18 months.  This position would be responsible for planning/scheduling projects, identifying vendors, requesting quotes and overall project oversight.  The project manager would communicate with vendors to ensure timely response and completion of objectives.  The PM will work closely with Chemprene management to coordinate resources for efficient achievement of project goals.  To be effective, the PM would need to be on site at our facility for at least a few days per week.  Some projects may require more time on site.

Initial projects are:

  1. Replacing all existing racks in the building (new racks have been ordered and are expected in late Spring).  To accomplish this, the PM will need to work with department managers to coordinate the movement and staging of stock to ensure continued production during the new rack assembly
  2. Installation of in-rack sprinkler system throughout plant
  3. Replacement of all hoist material and installation of new gantries.  Much of this material has been ordered already. 
  4. Installation of new Fire Alarm and building access system
  5. Installation of new water pump system
  6. Repair/replacement of floor on second level of plant.  Engineers have analyzed the floor and are providing recommendations for repair/replacement
  7. Construction of on-site flammable liquid containment structure (Engineering plans have already been received from FM Global for project)
  8. Construction of hazardous material containment room within existing plant (Engineering plans have already been received from FM Global for project)

This list has not been prioritized as some will be in process concurrently.  Additional projects are awaiting approval from our Board of Directors and may supersede those listed above.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  I appreciate you forwarding this information to potential candidates.

Thank you,

Tom J

Tom Jozefowicz, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Director of HR and EHS


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