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Power Skills



Personal Leadership Philosophy for Effecting Change



Premised on what Dr. Rajis has learned as a business executive, the purpose of the presentation is to define organizational leadership, including the dual-focused management approach that works towards what is best for individuals and what is best for a group as a whole. He will also discuss the following:

  • Attitude and a work ethic that empowers an individual in any role to lead from the top, middle, or bottom of an organization;
  • Ability to manage change, which often occurs in an organization; and
  • Reasons change is necessary to bring resolution to a situation that must be mitigated.

Change management has at least three characteristics:

  • Adapting to change;
  • Controlling change; and
  • Effecting change.

This presentation in a nutshell is about effecting change. A pre-emptive approach to dealing with change is at the core of all three characteristics. In other words, change management, for an organization, means outlining and implementing procedures and technologies to address changes in the business setting and to gain from changing opportunities.



Dr. Rajis brings over 30 years of combined experience in the architecture and project management professions. He was the Co-Founder/CEO of 2Continent Group Limited, an Architectural/Engineering consulting firm that operated domestically and internationally, managing and directing architectural and engineering projects both in the private and public sectors. Dr. Rajis consulted overseas, primarily in Southeast Asia and Africa, where he represented governments and private companies leading their daily operational strategies and providing policy guidance to ensure the execution of various program objectives. Dr. Rajis also served as the Corporate Faculty at the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, where he taught graduate-level project management courses.

PMI Keystone Chapter members elected Dr. Rajis to serve on the Board of Directors in January 2022 as its Finance Director. Dr. Rajis holds a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree from Walden University, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Norwich University, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership from Eastern University, a Bachelor of Architecture from Drexel University, and a Higher National Diploma in Urban/Regional Planning from Auchi Polytechnic, Nigeria. Dr. Rajis belongs to several professional and charity organizations where he volunteers his time to impact others' lives. As a social change agent, he brings dedication, empathy, compassion, and ingenuity to his work.



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